Five tips to disconnect from work during the holidays


The company cannot bother workers by law, but more important is knowing how to park job responsibilities and concerns now that technology makes it even more difficult.


Holidays arrive and with them the opportunity to disconnect from work to travel, enjoy family, friends and regain strength for the resumption. Parking responsibilities and work concerns is a difficult task but very necessary for our well-being. And is that the annual rest of the workers is a fundamental right.


This summer, in addition, is the first that digital disconnection is guaranteed by law. According to the regulations, the company cannot force the worker to answer a call or respond to an email. Public workers and employees have the right, therefore, to be digitally disconnected from work during their rest time (vacations and permits), and to preserve their personal and family privacy.


But one thing is that the company can not force to answer emails, answer calls or WhatsApp, and the other is that the worker does not do it for responsibility or even fear of reprisals. In these cases, experts remember that disconnection is essential for the good mental state of the worker and ends up reversing favorably in the company.


Here are some tips to keep in mind to preserve maximum disconnection and prevent work from interfering with our vacation:


1. Mute or leave the work whatsapp groups

WhatsApp groups generally continue with work dynamics and is, therefore, an essential measure to break the work rhythm and disconnect mentally.


2. Find a time that does not affect family dynamics to answer calls or messages

Interrupting an activity or a family moment not only hurts you but also your surroundings.


3. Spend a little time and concentrate in a few moments
It is very important not to repeatedly check your mobile phone during the holidays and do it in the shortest possible time so that it does not alter your activities.


4. Do not leave it for bedtime

Addressing work issues from bed may seem like a good resource to avoid altering the pace of the day but it impairs rest so that they activate you at a time when you have to guarantee your physical and mental rest.


5. Turn off the mobile at the end of the day

It allows to make a long disconnection in the hours of sleep that are the most important to repair you.